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The primary goal of talent management is to build a high-performing workforce that delivers bottom line results and yields a sustainable competitive advantage. SMD Link was designed to assist you in achieving this goal by seamlessly integrating talent management processes with core business outcomes.

SMD Link delivers an integrated array of talent management solutions through a powerful, easy to implement and use platform. Unique linkage analysis capabilities enable you to quantify the impact of your talent management initiatives on both individual and organizational performance across each of the following pillars:

Dynamic reporting tools readily translate complex analytics into actionable results, making it easy for you to strategically prioritize initiatives that have a proven impact on critical business outcomes and maximize your return on talent management investments. Together, our integrated suite of products and services enhance organization-wide alignment and accountability, reduce HR costs, and drive measurable improvements in bottom line business performance.

Performance Management

SMD’s Performance Management platform provides the foundation for understanding how your people drive your business. By linking your HR processes to performance management outcomes, the SMD Link platform allows leaders and employees to focus on skills, behaviors, and attitudes that will have the biggest impact on performance.

SMD’s Career Development platform provides organizations with a self-directed assessment process that helps employees clarify career aspirations and build an effective development plan. Our approach aligns the organization’s talent needs with the career aspirations of its employees. Our reporting tools also identify critical experience and competency gaps within the organization.

SMD’s Employee Survey platform helps organizations harness the full potential of engagement surveys by linking survey items to business outcomes. You no longer have to assume that improving employee attitudes is beneficial. Our tools allow organizations to quantify the impact of employee attitudes on business results. Furthermore, our Strategic Survey HeatMaps focus leaders on the critical few drivers of engagement that will have the greatest impact on results.

360º Assessment

SMD’s 360º Assessment platform delivers a multi-rater survey tool that quantifies the impact of skills and behaviors on the bottom-line. This easy to use tool takes the 360º process to the next level by providing leaders with developmental feedback focused on those behaviors and skills that have the greatest impact on performance.

Employee Selection

SMD’s Employee Selection (Interview Builder) provides the tools and resources for managers to easily build and conduct effective structured interviews. By simply applying this methodology, organizations can increase the validity of their hiring decisions by up to 400%! Further improvements can be realized by using SMD Link analytics to identify the competencies that have the greatest impact on business performance. Simply put, our approach will help you make better hiring decisions and have a greater impact on your bottom line.

Competency Builder

SMD’s Competency Builder provides the tools and resources for organizations to identify competencies that are aligned with your business strategy. By aligning leader and employee behaviors with key business outcomes, organizations can hold employees accountable for behaviors (through the performance management process) and develop key competencies that drive results.

Action Planning

SMD’s Action Planning tools (patent pending) help leaders quickly understand the critical drivers of the business, select from a set of best practices, and build business-focused action plans. The tools make the action planning process simple and ensures all resources are focused on the critical few actions that will actually drive business results.

Turnover Solution

SMD offers a comprehensive Turnover Solution that uses advanced HR analytics applied to employee survey, on-boarding survey, entrance survey and exit survey data. These analytics identify the specific drivers of turnover throughout the employee lifecycle. Furthermore, our dynamic survey platform integrates the survey data for each work unit and provides a single, comprehensive turnover report. This eliminates managers having to sift through data from multiple sources to identify the root causes of turnover. As part of this comprehensive solution, we provide a periodic Executive Overview to summarize key findings and make specific, targeted recommendations on how to reduce turnover.


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